It’s that time of the year when people start making resolutions. I for one always make tons of resolutions in the begin of the year only to find that I have only stuck to a few of them. Out of the many resolutions that I made last year,I’m happy to say that I have stuck to two of them! One was to lose weight. Done! (though I still have more weight to lose) The other was to take better care of my blog. Done! Strange enough, loosing weight and blog maintenance are still on my resolution list. I can only imagine how great I will look next year and how fantastic my blog will be!

This year I have also decided to make a few beauty and fashion resoultions.As bloggers we have a tendency to talk about the fabulous side off fashion and beauty.However, we fail to blog about the “Evils”

See No Evil

Apparently, I am a very visual person. All it takes for me is to see a pair of shoes, or an article of clothing, that I fall in love with and I have to buy it! Oh, whats that conscience ,my phone bill is due? Who cares! Whats that you say? I have two pair of shoes just like these? So what!

New Years fashion/beauty resolution # 1: I must exercise self control

Hear No Evil

I have heard great things about so many beauty products that I simply must try! Apparently,YSL’s shocking mascara is to die for, M.A.C’s matchmaster foundation gives you a flawless finish , and philosophy has the best micro-delivery system. I’m itching to try all of these products! The problem is, I already have three mascaras, I don’t usually wear foundation, and I go to the dermatologist for skin care! I’m happy with the products that I use. I’m totally over being duped by products that claim to do something, but totally fail!

New Years fashion/beauty resolution #2 Dont believe everything I hear.

Speak No Evil

Have you ever told yourself or other people that you need something. For about two months I was telling people that I needed more statement pieces. Before that, I was saying that I needed more boots.Before that I was telling people that I need more eyeshadow. My excuse? I needed more variety. To date, I have about thirty statement pieces of jewelery, 15 pair of boots and more eyeshadow then I can count. Um…yeah I have no witty or snappy come backs for this one. I have no excuse. *hangs head in shame*

New Years fashion/beauty resolution # 3 Stop telling myself and other people about things I don’t need. I will learn to work with what I got!

I need you to be honest. Do you think that I can stick to these resolutions?
Ta Ta for now!


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