Kura Kounsel :My Current Favorites


I use to be a huge product junkie. It was out of control. I would store products in every nook of my apt, forget about them, rediscover them, then be ashamed that I spent money on them.It was a huge waste of money! I have since then been able to weed out the products that work best for me.I rarely stray from them.(Unless Cosmo,Elle,or one of my favorite beauty blogs insist that I must) There are a few products that have become my staples and they work well for me every time.

Cetaphil cleansing lotion is a drug store product that many dermatologist recommend.It is a gentle cleanser,has no scent,and helps your skin retain moisture.Its not the most exciting product to buy but I know it helps the quality of my skin. In conjunction with my clarisonc,this helps to control random breakouts.

Shea Moisture products have been a hit in my book!They dont contain parabens,paraffin or any synthetic fragrance. So when I saw that they had a Body scrub,I was all over it! I have been using their body scrub for months now and love the results! My skin is always left shiny and well moisturized. I always have a back up!


Frankly, anything Nars is ok in my world .You know how some people are M.A.C aholics? Well I’m a Narsissist. (see what I did there) They just always seem to do it right. I can always find my perfect shade in foundation,tinted moisturizer,or concealer.

OPI’s nail envy saved my nails! I was one of those girls who got their acrylics done every other week without fail. We all know what havoc that can have on your natural nails.My nails were very brittle until I was introduced to this product.It defiantly strengthens my nails and helps to maintain my nail length.


I dont care what anyone says, Lush is a trap! They have the most decadent soaps,shampoos, and body products. I have been known to go a little hog wild within the Lush walls and am a little embarrassed to tell you the most I have spent in one shopping trip.Even though I have cured my product junkie-ism,this store is a huge trigger! I literally shield my eyes when I walk in to replace my mint julep lip scrub.The lip scrub works like a dream by removing any dead skin .The absolute best part about this lip scrub is that you can lick it off and it taste so good!

Laura Mercier products rarely disappoint.I happen to really love their scent vanille gourmande.Its a warm vanilla smell that lingers for hours. Most people reserve this type of smell for the cooler months, but have really been enjoying using this scent year round.

What are you staples?


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