5 of the absolute best ways to lose weight and keep it off.

5 of the absolute best ways to loose weight and keep it off

Today is the day. Today I start over again and reboot my metabolism, my lifestyle, and my confidence. I woke up this morning wanting all the foods that I wasn’t suppose to eat but I quickly got past that with a 45 min work out on the elliptical and a 25 min weight training video. IT WAS NOT EASY! But I pushed through and completed what I set out to do and will be sticking to the plan. Here’s the thing, to have a goal without a plan is setting yourself up for failure. That’s why I have set up a plan to reach my weightless and fitness goals. I’ve done a lot of research, had success and failures, and have watched a ton of YouTube videos to build my plan. I am by no means an expert, but I know what has worked for me before and I’m sharing that with you today.
For the next seven weeks I will be making some serious changes to my diet and will be doing intense workouts to drop some of this weight. There are 5 rules that I will be sticking to.

 Rule #1 Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. I’m aiming for more but this is the minimum. Drinking the right amount of water is crucial. According to this article it removes toxins, suppresses appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat.

 Rule #2 Since we are on the topic of drinking, for the next six weeks I will solely be quenching my thirst with water. No juice allowed! I don’t like soda but if you do, cut that out. Unsweetened tea will be ok but Starbucks will have to wait until the end of the seven weeks. I don’t drink alcohol but if you do you need to cut it out of your diet for seven weeks to meet your goals.

Rule #3 This is perhaps the most challenging part for me. For the next seven weeks I will be cutting out most carbs. Bread, pasta, rice, potato etc.… are a big no no. According to this guy, a personal trainer to many influential people, staying away from these foods is essential when trying to loose fat and build muscle. According to him, carbs like these breakdown into energy in the body. Your body utilizes these foods to give you energy throughout the day. However, when you are looking to loose weight, you want your body to burn the stored fat from your body as energy and not the carbs that you eat.

Rule #4 Cardio is always my “go to” when needing to drop a few pounds. However, I find that when I only do cardio I loose weight but end up being flabby. So I will be incorporating strength training into my workout routine. In a separate post I will be going over the particulars of my work out.

Rule #5 Don’t beat yourself up about not being perfect Everyone has bad days. We are going for progress not perfection.


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