My Weight Loss Story

Since I’ve been in college I’ve struggled with my weight. One minute I feel comfortable with my size, the next minute I’ve eaten a whole row of doubled stuffed Oreos and I’m one step away from a total melt down! I know I’m not the only one so I’m sharing my journey with YouTube. I have done so many diets, Atkins, weight watchers, cabbage soup diet, and HCG to name a few, and I’m done with the gimmicks. My new plan is to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercising, and a balanced lifestyle. Follow me on this ride and maybe come along with me if you need to drop some pounds! I will be sharing my journey every step of the way on my youtube chanel and on this blog. This video gives an idea of where ive been in my weight loss, where im going, and how im going to get there. Wish me  luck!


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