3 Things To Consider When Choosing your Thanksgiving Outfit

I’m one of those people who dress up for everything. Sunday summer brunch calls for my prettiest frilly sundress. Bowling with friends calls for an outfit that makes those horrendous bowling shoes acceptable. Running errands calls for my cutest flats, jeans, and an oversized faux fur coat. So Thanksgiving is no exception. Here’s the thing though, every Thanksgiving all I do is eat, sit in my mother in laws house, and hang with my family. I’m cooking, cleaning, and playing with kids all day and I just want to be…COMFORTABLE. While this is my reality, I have a friend whose family goes out to eat on Thanksgiving and different a friend whose whole family all dresses up and has a formal dinner. No matter how you spend your Thanksgiving it’s important to consider three things when picking your Thanksgiving getup.

1. COMFORT –We shouldn’t be proud of it but Americans overeat on Thanksgiving. In fact, according to THIS ARTICLE, Americans can consume a whopping 4,500 calories! I’m not advocating for overeating, but the fact is when we see food, we eat it. Your mom made her world famous mac and cheese, your aunt made her special cheesecake, and your cousin who just graduated from culinary school has some tricks up his sleeve. After you eat all that, you’re bound to be full. Choosing loose clothing that isn’t restricting is key. THIS sweater that I’m wearing from H&M is perfect for this occasion. I’m thinking about wearing this one on Thanksgiving. If you need something more formal, opt for a loose fitting dress like this one from Zara. It offers both comfort and style.

2. CUTENESS FACTOR –The best way to add a little flair to your Thanksgiving outfit is by utilizing accessories. A statement earring like this one from Bauble Bar or even a cozy scarf like this one from Ann Taylor will bring that cuteness factor you’re looking for without being uncomfortable.

3. REUSABILITY – You know that rainbow sequin vest you bought for your friend’s unicorn themed bachelorette party, those bright neon pink boots you thought would be perfect for your second cousin’s graduation, or those American flag jeggings you bought for the fourth of July? Have you worn them since? No? Really? They seemed like such good ideas at the time. For this special occasion, let’s skip the turkey-themed sweater dress and opt for something more classic like This sweater dress from Madewell or this Blazer from LULU’s

Thanksgiving is such a fun time to spend with family, meet new family, eat, and relax. The last thing that you want to do is worry about how you look. These three ideas will help you optimize your family time and maximize your wardrobe! Happy Thanksgiving!


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    I agree to all the points you mentioned.nice article

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