The 3 Reasons That You're Not Wearing What You Want

The other day I wore my hair in a puff, a vibrant pink coat, and Marc Fisher pointy toe heels. I looked cute, felt comfortable, and confident. While grocery shopping, a lady stopped and told me that she loved my look and wished she could pull it off. I Graciously thanked her for her compliment and asked her why she thought she couldn’t pull it off. She simply said, “I can’t, what would people think?” Like any other women who considers herself a “women’s women” I, Of course, told her that she was a queen and she could pull off anything she wanted to. She sheepishly disagreed and agreed to at least try one new thing in her wardrobe. While on the way back home I thought about how often people tell me that they wish that they could” pull something off”. It got me thinking and I wondered what made people think they had to look a certain way or act a certain way to wear whatever they wanted. After much deliberation, I figured out three reasons why people, women especially, don’t feel like they can wear what they want and feel good about it.


Do you know that studies show that women have a lower self-esteem than men? This could be for a number of reasons. It could be because of the way society built the standard of beauty. It could be the over-consumption of social media, and it even could be that little voice in our head telling us that we will never look as good as the next women. Confidence is like a plant. If you feed it and tend to it, it will grow. This is why it’s important to practice self-love daily. You won’t be your best self until you realize that we all possess beauty. Whether it’s a beautiful face, personality, or mind we all have some form of it. What’s the most beautiful part about you? How can you nurture your beauty?

You don’t know how to wear it.

It can be extremely intimidating when scrolling through Instagram and you see a certain trend that speaks to you but you don’t know how it fits into your life. You want to try it but have no idea where to start. ( I’m about to give you some groundbreaking advice )  The best way to wear something that speaks to you is to…. PUT IT ON YOUR BODY. Just wear it! Go try it on, order it online, and start to experiment. You will never know if you can “pull something off” unless you put it on.


Luckily, we all live in a world full of people of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Could you imagine how boring the world would be if we all talked, looked, and acted the same? Comparing yourself to another is literally like comparing apples and oranges. No two people are the same and isn’t that fantastic! It’s inevitable that the woman over there is going to look different than you in her faux fur white coat and that’s great news! Once you find your own style there will be no need to compare.



Are you guilty of any of these? What’s the main reason you don’t wear the things you want to wear?


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