If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have an obsession with statement accessories. Wide brim hats, oversized earrings, and funky sunglasses liter my timeline and are a good chunk of my wardrobe. I like to make a statement with my appearance and since I like to keep my hair protected and my makeup simple, my accessories are the way I choose to stand out from the crowd. Since I live in a cold environment, a bold necklace or sunglasses won’t always be an option. My first concern when I’m walking out the door in the winter is two-fold. One, will I be warm? Two, what am I telling the world with how I look? Enter the statement coat. I’ve collected quite a few of statement coats over the years and they are essential to my wardrobe. When choosing a statement coat there are three things you must consider. 

  1. Warmth

A statement coat without warmth is just a statement. Unless you’re one of those blessed people to live in a climate that has great weather year round, warmth is the primary function of your coat. I’m a huge fan of faux fur coats or coats with faux fur trim. If you get the right one it can really keep you warm and looking phenomenal! Coats like this one from Asos, this one from and other stories, or even this from misguided are sure to keep you warm.

2) Wear-ability

I have a confession. I have things in my closet that have never been worn. I either bought them because they were on sale, or I bought them in an attempt to amp up my style. Either way, they are sitting in my closet waiting to be worn and I have never even reached for them. Because coats cost more than clothing, I’ve told myself that having coats in my closet that don’t get used is out of the question. This is why it’s important for me to be intentional about buying my coats. Before moving the coat I want from my loves to my basket I ask myself three things. How often can I wear this? Does it go with more than three outfits? Will I have fun wearing it? After I answer those questions it’s pretty simple really. If it fits the criteria, I buy it, if it doesn’t, I admire it from time to time on the website.

3) Is this my style?

In the sea of YouTube hauls and Instagram feeds it’s easy to get caught up in trends that may not be apart of our style. For example, every-time I see a girl on IG wearing a long hair faux fur coat like this one I feel a little rush of excitement. I go on the hunt for a similar coat and have a blast trying to figure out looks to go with it. The problem is, I really don’t like the long hair faux fur coat. Though it speaks to me on a level of fabulousness that I just connect with, it’s not something that I would feel comfortable wearing in public. For whatever reason, it doesn’t fit into my style and that’s ok.

Being able to show my personality through the way I dress is important to me but the winter in NYC doesn’t always allow for that. Statement coats have been a life saver when it comes to being able to showcase my style in the colder months. What are your thoughts on statement coats? Are you the type of gal who likes to switch up her winter accessories?


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  1. March 5, 2019 / 12:36 am

    That coat is fire!! Love this look head to toe. Your tips are great! Thank you ❣

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