Do you guys know that annoying person who is wide awake in the morning? You know the one who skipped to work, said good morning to everyone in their path and has all the questions about your weekend? You know the one who is giggling on the train because they just saw the funniest meme or cat video on Instagram? Yeah… that’s me! But it hasn’t always been me. I didn’t want to become a morning person until I landed my first fashion internship. I was excited, I wanted to do my best, and I was thankful for the opportunity. So I told myself that I needed to be productive. I knew it was important to get up early and get a jump start my day. So I did what any self-respecting millennial would do… I googled it. I found all types of suggestions ranging from going to bed at 5:30 pm to drinking a lot of water before you go to bed to make sure you get up. While I was…”thankful” for these suggestions I knew it would take more than that to become the morning person that my heart desired.  

  1. Set a routine– It’s 2019, if you don’t have Alexa echo then I’m seriously concerned about where your life is going. Its quite possibly the most convenient technology of our time and I use it for so much of my morning routine. I start off by Alexa waking me up with some smooth jazz (or whatever I’m in the mood for) I also use Alexa for checking the weather, my morning podcast and my morning playlist to get me out the door. She reminds me that I have five minutes before I have to leave the house and she is just my little morning buddy! If you don’t have Alexa yet trust me, its worth the investment.

2. Prepare the night before- I don’t like to guess what I’m wearing the next day I need to be prepared. Setting out my outfit, making sure everythig is clean, ironed, and make me feel great is one way that I insure that my morning goes smoothly. In addition, since I’m on a weight loss journey, I can’t chance being tempted by a delicious Starbucks lemon cake. It’s a must that my healthy lunch is packed and ready to go! I tell Alexa to remind me to pick up my lunch before I leave and I’m all set!

3. Nighttime ritual  

Beyond setting out your outfit and packing your lunch, a good nighttime routine will help you feel better in the morning. I like to be in bed at a certain time reading or listening to a  podcast. But before that, my husband and I practice the no T.V or food an hour before bed rule. In that hour we usually talk, listen to music, pack lunch, and straighten up the kitchen. It’s a ritual we adopted when we realized the amount of time we were on our phone and not engaging with one another. Having a good nighttime ritual will allow you enough rest during the night to feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning.


All the very successful people that I look up to are morning people or have made themselves into a morning person. I find happiness in knowing that getting off on the right foot and starting my day on a high note may be the first steps to my success. Being a morning person, like anything else, takes practice and diligence so don’t give up on the first try. Are you already a morning person or is it something that you have to work on?


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