My Fat Diary 2

Last week I told you guys about how I was on the hunt for a weight loss fashion blogger. I explained that I wasn’t able to find one so I have become one. I’m honestly still struggling with putting my business out there as my weight is so personal to me and is a sour spot. Talking about my weight and body image makes me feel very vulnerable. If you learn anything about me, learn that there are two things that annoy me the most. One, I hate being put in the position of vulnerability and two, I hate romantic comedies. I’m pushing through my feelings of vulnerability in hopes of being helpful to other people who struggle with weight loss.



FACT: I didn’t lose weight or gain this week

FEELINGS: I took the pictures for this post and felt very insecure about my size. Notice how in most of the pictures my jacket is covering my body. It did make me feel sad, but also encouraged me to work hard next week.


FACT: I worked out twice this week. It wasn’t the most intense, but I did something!

FEELINGS: I’m feeling a little annoyed with myself. If I want something so bad why can’t I get up and work out? Do I want it that bad?


FACT: I dressed my body pretty well this week. So I didn’t look bad.

FEELINGS: I felt fine with my clothes on. With my clothes off… not so much.


FACT: In an effort to eat fewer calories, save time, and stay on track, I ate lean cuisine meals all week. I know it’s not the best option but it kept me on track and I didn’t feel deprived. I would love to meal prep on Sundays. Working my way toward that.

FEELINGS: I felt fine eating those meals. I felt like I was working toward my goal and it made me feel good even though I know that I won’t be able to eat them forever. 

How’d you feel about yourself this week?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Hat- Lack of Color and on sale! // Blazer- H&M. // Shoes Nordstrom Rack  // Earrings Asos


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