The other day in my IG stories I was wearing a bright fuchsia lipstick. I didn’t mention the brand or name of the color and some of y’all cursed me out! How dare I wear this lipstick and not tag it! Let me start off by saying that you all were absolutely correct! The whole point of my blog and social media is to help educate and inspire and here I am wearing a fabulous lipstick and not giving you the info! 

I’m usually more of a red or nude type of gal but in my effort to encourage spring to rapidly return, I have been wearing bright pink lipstick! I have a strong feeling that fuchsia lipstick, dewy skin, and fluffy lashes will be my go to spring look! I have a drawer full of fuchsia lipstick but here are my top three for brown skin.

M.A.C ‘s Flat out Fabulous is an oldie but goodie. Before I was introduced to this color I never wore a bright pink. The matte lipstick is so good for so many skin tones. Flat out fabulous is a M.A.C retro matte so if that’s not your thing, it also looks good with a clear gloss!

Fenty unlocked liquid lipstick is described as a weightless, long-wearing, liquid lipstick with a soft-matte finish—born in a range of head-turning shades that look incredible on all skin tones. It is a vibrant color that does last all day! But beware, it does transfer if you put too much on. It’s still worth the buy though. I have several of the Fenty liquid lipsticks and every shade sparks joy for me. They are worth a try.

The Lipbar “Playmate” is described as a not too dark, not too bubblegum, just the right amount of color to look good on every skin tone. From the palest to the deepest and darkest complexion. This shade will make you feel just a little more pretty. I was weary of a shade that claimed that it would look good on all skin tones. In my experience, that claim is just isn’t possible. But let me tell you on my complexion it is a huge win. Every time I wear this lipstick I get tons of people asking me about it!

These three colors have been in heavy rotation. On days when I don’t feel like putting on a full face, tinted moisturizer, mascara, and one of these lipsticks are just perfect for a polished look! I’m open to any more suggestion for bright pink lipstick. Let me know if you have any I should try!


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