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Because of my career, women who consider themselves to be intellectual often surrounded me. They had multiple degrees, successful careers, and took their jobs very seriously. I enjoyed being around such women as they inspired me and I too became a woman with several degrees. However, I quickly realized a taboo that was associated with these intellectual women. Because I’m into self-care, I would often mention things about the new boots I got or the new skincare I started using while on lunch or in passing conversation. In most cases, I was shot down with comments like “You paid for skincare? I just use dove and olive oil “ or “Do materialistic things really matter?” Self-care was somehow seen as something that was not important and was looked down upon. I quickly learned my lesson. I would turn to blogs and YouTube as a place of solace where I was free to indulge in my self-care needs. Though I realized I wanted to be an intelligent successful woman I also wanted to feel good about my appearance. I was born to a pretty dynamic mother, and whether she knew it or not I was watching her every move. I was extremely aware when she sacrificed herself for us and how often she took care of herself. She often went without, in order to make our lives better but whenever she had a chance she would practice self-care. I clearly remember her Fashion Fair products in her bathroom and her Charlie perfume on her dressing table. Even though she sacrificed for us, the idea of self-care was always present. She passed that notion onto me as well as the importance of a good education. Through watching her I learned that being a woman has many aspects. However, I’ve noticed with my friends there is often guilt associated with self-care. As if self-care and being a mother, businesswomen, or otherwise are mutual exclusive. I’m dedicated to taking the stigma out of self-care. I want all women to know that Femininity is powerful and we don’t have to be like our male counterparts to be powerful. There is so much power in feminine energy and we all should embrace that. You can have a college degree and still dress like a bad ass. You can be intellectual and still care about the latest and great skincare. You can be a mother and not feel selfish for wanting to take care of yourself. This blog helps women to realize the importance of self-care by giving guidance with your self-care journey. This blog offers outfit inspiration, skincare information, makeup necessities, home décor, and ways to better your life. I realize that many women struggle with this notion of femininity being nuanced but my mission is to take the shame out of self-care and help everybody be like my mama.

8 Facts You Should Know About Me

1. I'm a born and raised New York girl.

2. I have two brothers and grew up mostly around guys.

3. I married my college sweetheart.

4. Ever heard of a daddy's girl? Yeah....I'm the definition of it.

5. I can eat veggie burgers weekly and never get sick of them.

6. I've been to many schools for different degrees, but the one I'm most proud of is my degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

7. Though I grew up around guys I had great women role models! My mom, aunts, and grandmothers showed me the art of femininity.

8. I'm a women's women. I'm for women, support women, and love everything that is apart of the women culture.

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