Shukura Taylor (Pronounced Shoo-koo-ra) is native New Yorker and a self-proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie. She is simply in love with fashion, food, and her fro. She loves beauty in ever sense of the word. She believes that everything in her world can be beautiful and that everyone should feel beautiful. Shukura is also a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate who lives in Brooklyn NY with her husband. However, The Fashion Institute wasn’t her first stop on the education train. She also obtained degrees and attended Oakwood College and is a product of that good old SUNY college system. Deciding to invest time into what she loves, Shukura started this blog to share her love for all things she deems to be feminine and what she loves about her world.


Simply Kura is merely a mantra that expresses the very essence of what Shukura thinks is most important fact in life. You can’t be anyone else in the world. You can’t have anyone else’s life. However you do have your own life so you might as well be the best YOU that You can be ! 

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken –Oscar Wilde