Side Eye

Im seriously looking like I’m about to cut someone in these pictures. Whats the attitude about? Being from NY I guess. I promise you guys I do smile and Im actually a nerd sometimes. Im literally always laughing and love to be where the jokes are. Yes, Of course I will cut you if I have to (and by “cut” I mean write you a strongly worded text lol! ) But most of the time I am light hearted. Sheesh! Smile much?!

Would you believe that this bag is from H&M? Ever since they started selling online I have been going HAM! Every other week boxes have been showing up at my apt. My mailman knows my name.Yeah…..Im not exaggerating he literally calls me by name. (This is where I should be embarrassed) *waits for embarrassment to set in* The most ridiculous thing about this is that Im a 5 min train ride to my nearest H&M.
I scored a 40% off coupon from an app called “snip snap” and jumped on this purse! Im pretty excited about it! I look for discounts and coupons before I buy anything! Hey, if you have a shopping habit you might as well save as much as you can!



Speaking of coupons,I scored these metallic BCBG pumps from DSW for 50% off! Then I had a twenty dollar off coupon that they sent me for being part of their rewards program.See, It pays to shop!!!

Purse: H&M
Shoes: BCBG by way of DSW
Shirt:Necessary Clothing