You Guys!!!!!! I know, I know where have I been? Honestly, life got in the way. I started a new program in grad school, I started a new job, and now I’m back in school in a completely new program! Yikes! I really just missed making videos and blogging. Guess what? I’ll be back in September. Back and better then ever! Expect better content and better quality! In another post I will explain why I changed my name and what you can expect in more detail. So be sure to stay tuned!

Simply Kura,




Im not usually a rebel but there are times I throw caution to the wind and break a few rules! As my husbands say in his “Man English” I go balls to the wall and I do what I see fit. Wearing white after Labor day is one of those times. I never completely understood the reasoning behind this particular fashion rule. I mean isn’t fashion a form of expression? This video that I recently put on my youtube channel shows one way that I will be wearing white after labor day. Enjoy!

Shrinkage is a liar! It was a very humid day when I filmed this video so please excuse the shrinkage. If you watched my natural hair story video you know that I consider my self newly natural. I cut my relaxed hair in december and I am loving every min of it. I have not permed my hair in over two years and I am slowly figuring out whats good for my hair. I have many products that I am testing however these are my inexpensive staples!

Products included:
V05 moisture milk,
Trader Joes tee tree conditioner,
Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie,
Shea moisture deep conditioning mask,
Shea moisture moisture retention conditioner,
Kinkly kurly knot today leave in,
As I am coconut co wash,
Apple cider viniger,
Aloe vera juice,
coconut oil,
castor oil

OK OK so the post on here have not been as frequent as they should be. Im working on it, bare with me. But for now here is a video I did for my youtube channel. Subscribe

My number one go to protection style is a turban. Its fashionable and fast. Many people asked me how I tie my turban. I have so many ways that I really don’t know which way to show them. In this video I show my basic three “go to” ways to tie it. I do different variations of these three but these are the basics.I always protect my hair with a silk scarf. I then put a wig cap over top to make sure that my hair is laying flat.Enjoy!


Its spring in New York witch means a mix of warm days, rainy days and cool nights. A jean jacket is a must have during this weather as it can be worn with dressy and casual outfits! check out how I styled mine and subscribe to my youtube channel!


My favorite videos to watch on youtube are “whats in my purse” videos and makeup vanity videos. So it was only natural that I would make both! Here is a closer look into were I spend my time getting spruced up! Enjoy! Subscribe if you love it!

Outfit Inspirations: Spring LookBook

People always ask me how I put an outfit together. Did I see it on a mannequin in a store? Did I see it in a magazine? The answer to that would be …….sometimes I do, and thats fine. However, I find my most inspired outfits come from when Im just walking around NYC. I might see an old lady with a crazy hat or a man carrying a cat on his head and i think to myself “The color of that cat would make a great nail polish ” or “the crazy hat lady is wearing an amazing scarf!” This video demonstrates how I come up with outfits with a little magic! Subscribe if you love it!


Yep another whats in my purse video! But this on has a little more….its Magic! I always want to know what in other girls/women pursues .Does that make me nosey? Maybe it does but so are you admit it!
I’m a huge advocate for women loving and appreciating who we are. Through personal style and self image we can build high self esteem and love our authentic selves. Want to know the definition of Kouture? Want to see my personal style? Subscribe to my youtube channel!